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Ambassador Asterio Takesy Presented His Credentials to US President Barack Obama on January 18, 2012 as the FSM Ambassador to the United States.

US Center for Citizen Diplomacy
US embassy to the island nation. Includes ambassador’s biography, information for American citizens, and visa information.

For Non US Citizens
Every individual has the right, even the responsibility, to help shape US foreign relations, ‘one handshake at a time.’ Citizen diplomats can be students, teachers, athletes …

Understanding US Citizenship
Understanding US Citizenship All that you need to know about coming to the US and becoming a citizen.

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Aloha! Ran Annim! Iakwe! Paing Kom! Kaselehlia! Alii! and Mogethin! September 24, 2008 Posted by Nations of Micronesia in Meeting Minutes. comments closed

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16/10/2010 · This is a piece abut an individual who was born into the American dream, served the American military and is still willing to sacrifice her life and bear arms in …

Título: Baghdad, Biden & Becoming A Us Citizen (1 Of 7)

Duración: 1:50 minutos

Descripción: Marine Master Sergeant Marvin Suzuki takes part in the Naturalization Ceremony in Baghdad July 4, 2009. Born in Micronesia, his US hometown is Arlington, Washington (near Seattle). Produced by Randy Garsee.

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