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Título: Somalia Orphan Children

Duración: 4:34 minutos

Descripción: The people of Somalia live in unrest. Flooding, drought, disabled government, clan wars, and wide-spread poverty afflict the population to the point that now, according to UNICEF, 43% of the population, which includes 1.4 million children, are in need of emergency assistance. Over 1 million people have been displaced due to the unstable conditions in the state. The history of Somalia led to the current issues that plague Somalis. The following essay will provide a brief overview of the history of the state of Somalia; highlight why there is an orphan problem in the state and the type of assistance Somali orphans need. First, Somalia gained independence from British and Italian control in 1960 (UNICEF, 2010). Colonial legacies often keep occupied countries reliant on more developed nations long after gaining independence. After leading a coup in 1969, Muhammad Siyad Barre established an authoritarian-socialist regime in Somalia (CIA Factbook, 2010). He maintained a relatively stable regime until 1991 when the government collapsed, leading to primarily clan-based rule. The northern clans of Somalia began the revolt in their quest for independence. The area is now known as The Republic of Somaliland, and is bordered by the independent state of Puntland. Puntland and The Republic of Somaliland share a disputed border, over which Puntland wages constant war in order to expand its territory (CIA Factbook, 2010). The Kenyan government initiated a two year peace process that

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